Children, Music and Intelligence

As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage. Well, findings from researchers across the globe may be music to your ears. Did you know that singing a lullaby or playing music to your infant does more than soothe or excite them? Studies in Germany show that listening to music helps children learn language skills faster. Researchers in Canada found musical effects continue as your child ages. They found that four to six year-olds studying music matured faster cognitively and scored higher on memory tests than those not taking music lessons. The cadence continues as a chorus of researchers from across the country sings the praises of early music training. Preteens improve verbal and visual skills. High school-aged musicians earn higher SAT scores on both math and verbal segments. What is the refrain? Studies time and again show musicians win more awards, have higher grades and score better on IQ tests. In fact, some research shows music majors are accepted into medical school at higher rates than those who majored in more obviously related fields. If we haven’t hooked you yet, some research published this spring hits a high note with everyone. Results indicate that effects of early musical training are long lasting – possibly preserving brain functions that generally decline in advanced age. What’s the coda? You can’t start too early: one of the German researchers found that unborn babies react to music in the womb and appear to recognize those tunes after birth. This exposure helps them speak earlier and gain motor skills. Now what part can Palms Down music play in the development of your young masterpiece? Our CDs are designed to accompany movement education so instructors have more freedom to conduct a varied, organized and uninterrupted session for their students. Our music is performed by New York musicians with diverse influences and training. Exposure to our broad range of tempos and sometimes complex rhythms is stimulating and will inspire your budding geniuses to make big leaps mentally and physically! Now as for getting them to sit still and be quiet…